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Guéthary is a picturesque, small village located between Bidard and Saint Jean de Luz. It has been an official commune since 1633, but its church dates back to the 16th century. Up until about 1850, Guéthary was a modest village with an economy based on fishing and agriculture. Shortly thereafter, hotels and restaurants gradually began emerging, as well as the transformation of old farms and homes into short-stay dwellings. Guéthary’s popularity evolved further thanks to the village’s train station’s creation in 1884, which is conveniently located right in the heart of Guéthary. Nowadays, Guéthary is an upscale destination with a few small corn fields and a small port reminding visitors and inhabitants of its humble origins. 

Things To Do

Despite its small size, Guéthary has quite a selection of excellent bars, eateries, boutiques and restaurants. For eating out, we would recommend Les Alcyons, Le Txamara, L’Hétéroclito, Le Bahia Beach,  Le Getaria (Marion’s favorite), or La Voile Blanche. If you are looking for original women’s clothing that is handmade locally, be sure to check out “Captain le Couturier”. For a refreshing afternoon snack, Guet a Bowl is a fantastic address for Açai Bowls. Other worthy addresses for having an apéro or dining include Chai Ponpon, Le Madrid, Le Bar Basque, and Providence

Surfing is another obvious activity in Guéthary. Parlementia is world renowned, and the left at Alycons and Avalanche handle the larger size during big swells. The best time to surf in Guéthary is undoubtedly in the winter months between December and March. 

Almost every village in the Pays Basque has a market which sells regional products, and Guéthary is no exception. Markets in the Pays Basque are known for their diverse array of excellent products, including Espelette pepper, ham from Bayonne, Ibaïona (ham), Kintoa (also ham), Basque cake, sheep’s milk cheese, wine from Irouleguy, and cherries from d’Itxassou. Needless to say, seafood is also a staple among Basque markets. Be sure to try the chipirons. 

Guéthary’s market takes place every Sunday morning from May to September. 

Guéthary Real Estate Market Overview

Thanks to its prestige, surf, and the enviable lifestyle Guéthary offers, demand for rental investments is just as high as it is for private residences. 47% of the real estate market in Guéthary is based on secondary residences. Guéthary is considered to be a real estate “micromarket”, which means that the price of a home that offers beach access by foot equates to the associated price increase specific to such an area. From an investment perspective, having a residential property in Guéthary offers an impressive return on investment during the vacation period due to such high demand. 

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