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Bidart is a traditional oceanfront Basque village found between Bidart and Saint Jean de Luz. The first mention of the parish of Bidart goes back to the XII century, and its name originates from “Bide Artean”, which means “at the crossroads”. The Sainte Madeleine and Saint Joseph chapels, as well as its old church are landmarks especially revered by pilgrims on along the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.Thanks to its close proximity to the ocean, Bidart’s economy was originally based on whaling, fishing, and boat building. Towards the end of the XIX century, Bidard shifted its focus to supplying the demand of the growing tourism industry. Since then, countless inhabitants and visitors alike have been charmed by this picturesque Basque village with a rugged charm thanks to its tree-lined cliffs and pristine beaches.

Things To Do

Bidart has plenty of worthwhile addresses and outdoor activities. For starters, there is a market where you can find a variety of local products every Saturday morning and Thursday night during the summer months. Elissaldia is a great place for coffee. Salon de la Plage is a high quality hair salon. Our favorite restaurants in Bidart would be La Pizzeria and La Voile Rouge. You cannot go wrong with a brunch at L’Oeuf Poché, and if you are looking for an ideal place to have an apéro, head over to the Bar du Fronton. La Licorne is the go-to locally favorite nightclub. Some notable scenic walks in Bidart include La Chapelle, le chemin du littoral, and Erretegia. 

Bidart is also known for its world-class surf. Bidart’s coastline is made up of rocky coves each with their own particularities, which means you have variety. There is something for every type of surfer in Bidart. There are slower waves for beginners and longboarders, as well as faster reef breaks for shortboarders. Generally speaking, the best time to surf in Bidart is just outside of the peak summer period, which means May/June and from September to November. The swell is consistent, the water is warmer and there’s less of a crowd. The main spots are Ilbarritz, Pavillon Royal, Erretegia, Bidart centre, Uhabia, and Parlementia, which straddles Bidart and Guéthary. 

Hiking and cycling are other popular activities in and around Bidart. The largely undeveloped surroundings and its close proximity to the mountains make it a perfect place for lovers of the great outdoors. 

Bidart Real Estate Market Overview

Since Bidart is primarily based on the tourism market, it is no surprise that 48% of homes in Bidart are secondary residences. Real estate in Bidart consists of contemporary oceanfront villas, charming traditional private residences in Bidart’s residential areas, and smaller homes and apartments in the town center. 

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